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Exfoliating Coffee Scrub

Exfoliating Coffee & Sugar Scrub

There are many benefits to be found in making homemade body scrubs. Body scrubs are a fabulous way to exfoliate away old skin cells to reveal a fresh and smoother layer of skin. They are a simple and cost-effective way to pamper yourself and they also make great gifts.

Most store-bought body scrubs are often filled with chemical irritants and toxins like synthetic fragrances, color dyes, and harsh exfoliators. These ingredients can disrupt the endocrine system (contributing to hormone imbalances), cause an allergic reaction, damage to the skin, and further irritation. When you make your own, you can skip the toxins and use more nourishing and protective ingredients.

DIY Exfoliating Coffee & Sugar Scrub Recipe

Do you have leftover coffee grinds from your morning cup of joe? Do you often think there’s something you could do with those leftover coffee grinds instead of tossing them into the trash? Don’t toss them out just yet, save them to make an invigorating body scrub.

The caffeine in this scrub helps to tighten the skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Coffee scrubs are also packed with antioxidants, which help to fight premature skin aging. This scrub is also perfect for prepping the bikini area a day or two before a wax. With the addition of coconut sugar, this recipe is extra exfoliating. The other ingredients serve a purpose too. Coconut oil provides moisture to the skin, while vanilla adds a natural and pleasant scent. And cinnamon is not only antifungal, but it rids the skin of topical impurities.

DIY Exfoliating Coffee & Sugar Scrub

This body scrub is the perfect addition to any self-care routine
Prep Time5 minutes
Active Time5 minutes
Keyword: coffee, coconut sugar, coconut oil
Yield: 15 Applications
Author: Daphney Askew


  • bowl
  • spoon
  • mason jar


  • 1/4 cup coffee grinds
  • 1/8 cup coconut sugar
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon or 1/8 tsp 100% pure cinnamon essential oil
  • 1/2 vanilla bean or 1/2 tsp 100% pure vanilla essential oil
  • 1/2 cup coconut oil, melted use less for a thicker scrub


  • Add all the ingredients except the coffee grinds and coconut sugar into a medium-sized bowl and mix together.
  • Slowly add grinds and sugar until you get your desired texture.
  • Depending on how you like the consistency of your scrub, you may want to add more or less of the coffee and coconut sugar.
  • Add scrub to an airtight container.


Your scrub should last between one to three months or a maximum of one week if you’re using fresh produce. Use within this timeframe for the best results.

Self-Care with a Body Scrub

Treating yourself to self-care is a good thing! It helps lift your mood, relaxes you, and lets your mind and body take a break from your busy day. With this homemade all-natural detox body scrub in your arsenal, your skin will feel incredibly refreshed again.

Are you feeling inspired to try something new? Try this awesome body scrub!

Share this recipe with a friend who could use some self-care. If you try this recipe and post it on social, tag me. I would love to see your creations. Tag me here

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