Hi there! I’m Daphney, I help women living with sarcoidosis combat fatigue, relieve inflammation, and reduce flare-ups via detoxification, proper nutrition, lifestyle guidance, and natural remedies. 

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there was more that you could do on your own behalf to become healthier and have more energy but you have no idea of how or where to begin?

You are not alone.

I myself have struggled with my own health. I was diagnosed at the age of twenty-four with Sarcoidosis which is an autoimmune disorder. I have also struggled with hormonal imbalance, hypertension, blood sugar imbalance, elevated cholesterol, and obesity. I was referred from one specialist to another and prescribed medication after medication with no relief. On top of my own issues I’ve watched health and vitality be stolen from both of my parents via ovarian and gastric cancer. It has by no means been easy but these experiences are what drive and motivate me to teach clients how to take control of their health and successfully reach their goals.

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Natural Spiritual Fit | Daphney Askew

Hi! I'm Daphney Askew-Brown

Hi there, I’m Daphney the founder of Natural Spiritual Fit and also your Holistic Nutritionist. As your Holistic Nutritionist I am dedicated to not only helping you achieve your health and wellness goals, but I am dedicated to helping you understand that a balance of the mind, body, and spirit is necessary to achieve optimal health.

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